Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Install the Hard Drive PS 2

How to install the HDD

Before you start
The following hardware is required for using HDAdvance:

1. An official PS2 network adapter. Either adapters that are shown in the picture can be used.

PS2 Network Adaptor

2. A Suitable hard disk. You can use the official hard disk or a standard IDE hard disk drive with a capacity of up to 2000 GB (48BIT). If you use a standard IDE drive, you will need to make sure that it actually fits into your network adapter. Most Western Digital drives do not physically fit onto the PS2 network adapter without some modification, so we recommend that you stay clear of this brand. There are also issues with some modern Seagate drives, which cause problems when used in conjunction with older models of the official PS2 network adapter. We recommend using a Maxtor or Hitachi brand HDD with HDAdvance. If HDAdvance freezes at the splash screen for you, then it is due to the conflict mentioned above. In order to resolve this you will either need to purchase a new hard disk drive or network adapter.

3. A PS2 with a "Bay-Type" expansion port. All PS2's will have this expansion port except for the first three Japanese models (SCPH 10000, SCPH 15000 and SCPH 18000) which have a PCMCIA expansion port instead. These models are not supported by HDAdvance.

How to Install Your Hard Disk
If you have an official PS2 hard disk drive, then please install it according to the directions in its manual. If you will be using a standard IDE hard disk drive, then please make sure that the hard disk drive you intend to connect to your PS2 will actually fit into your network adapter.

Check that the IDE and power ports on your hard disk drive properly align with the IDE and power connectors on your network adapter.

Configure the jumper setting on the hard disk drive so it is set to MASTER. To find the correct jumper settings for your hard disk drive, either check the label on top of the hard disk drive or consult your reference manual.
Attach the hard disk drive to the network adapter by lining up the IDE and power ports/connectors and pressing firmly, as shown in Picture.

Network Adaptor and the HDD

Carefully slide the hard disk drive into the PS2 expansion bay as shown below. Push until the network adapter is connected to the back of your PS2, then screw in the screws on the back of the network adapter to secure the hard disk drive and network adapter. Congratulations, you have successfully connected a hard disk drive to your PS2!


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